The world has been torn by the backlash of cosmic forces that took place many years ago. The story begins in the Kingdom of Arthel a quiet kingdom that through great effort has maintained a peace in the land for nearly ten thousand years in the wake of The Fracture War. However the forces of a minor player from that war are on the move, striking down its old rivals from the shadows. Information about a magical Chalice that once belonged to the Blood Prophet himself being linked to portents of his return. Arthel has dispatched teams to seek out the relic to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Meanwhile a group of adventurers walk, trudge, and frolic through the coarse grasses of the Moorlands to the east of Arthel, completely unaware that they have a part to play in the events to come. And the ground gives way …


Liquid Soap Halfling Druid
Banana Nut Crunch(Raisin Bran) Human Barbarian
Two Scoops Elf Ranger
Wong McTavish Dwarf Paladin
Zook Gnome Wizard
Waywocket Gnome Wizard
ARGHHHH! Halforc Fighter