Currently among the Fallen of Necropolis


Alphonse, a traveling minstrel, wooed by the heroic look of the party and an offer to join them as they flee from the small village of ___ by Liquid Soap. He became a useful font of information though not the greatest fighter, his charisma granted him acceptance by the party.

As they traveled through wild forests they were assaulted by Satyrs in league with the Blood Prophet. In an effort to help the party he moved to protect Helga, but Banana Nut Crunch(Two Scoops) took this as an affront to his honor, and slapped Alphonse across the face with the back of his hand. This event left Alphonse in a precarious and fragile emotional state.

With his knowledge of folklore he accidentally reactivated the confluence of energies surrounding the Battlefield of Loss. This was a mixed blessing, because it made the threat of the roaming undead known, and provided an obstacle to the Blood Prophets forces ahead of them. However it tore at his already fragile state and he provided little assistance unbidden after this.

He was able to pass the trials of the Mist of Order and Chaos, but was more depressed in its wake, and ultimately decided to stay behind in the Necropolis in he Underdark to learn from the Spirit Lyricists there and provide information for the later mustering of forces.


Fracture Bloogonis