Monkey(animal): Deceased

Object of worship: Liquid Soap and Banana Nut Crunch(Raisin Bran)


Liquid Soap and Banana Nut Crunch(Raisin Bran) discovered a strange glowing potion in the catacombs beneath the Necropolis. being weary Liquid Soap summoned an animal helper to test it before hand. Immediately the monkey began convulsing and screaming in pain as cracks and fissures erupted all over its flesh until it tore itself apart in a mystical conflagration.

Upon seeing this they both exclaimed “Cool!” and partitioned the potion into equal shares and drank it. Banana Nit Crunch failed the primary Fortitude save gained the cursed concoction, but succeeded on the second leaving his body covered in small cracks that glowed with his personal magic effect color of yellow, but still alive. Liquid Soap passed both saves and now has glowing runes ringing his irises and the ability to see ___.

They both wish to bring the Party monkey Back and be elevated to his rightful god status, for bringing the funk.


Fracture Bloogonis