Heart of the Pillar of Strength

The heart of a Demi-god


Worn: Gives +2 to strength a +5 to all strength related checks and allows you to roll using strength on dexterity based checks. Apply proper RP silliness as needed.

Consumed: Provides the consumer with special abilities related to strength (GMs discretion)

  • Gives __ to strength
  • Applies an additional D20 to any physical roll as situations call for it or the DM wishes, this includes less then opportune moments
  • the ability to use the strength stat for non-strength check.

The Heart of the Pillar of strength was torn from the still living chest of Rota’ul the Pillar of Strength by Banana Nut Crunch(Raisin Bran) and eaten. This has given him superhuman abilities in relation to feats of strength.

Heart of the Pillar of Strength

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